Nataliya Yakushev

Nataliya is a seasoned digital marketing strategist with more than 15 years of experience in Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization, branding, and social media strategy. She heads ZCG Digital strategy since 2011 focusing on SEO and brand development.
In addition, since 2011, she has had oversight responsibility for the firm’s Reputation Management division at Rubenstein, an elite New York City-based Public Relations firm.

Nataliya’s foundation in reputation management and crisis communication strategies and methodologies has proven invaluable in helping the firm’s high-profile clientele
(corporations and individuals) manage crisis aftermath and re-define their brand.

In addition, Nataliya’s role has expanded to include global digital strategy and online branding consu tancy for Rubenstein’s impressive portfolio of high-profile clients.
Her diverse client roster includes celebrities and public figures, chief executives,
financial and real estate companies, law firms, educational institutions, healthcare,
global non-profits, luxury consumer brands, television and movie studios.