ZCG helps companies sell complex services and products

Clients won't buy your offering if they can't understand your solution or don't clearly see how it will help them. This is a common problem. Our clients sell more because we help tie together the marketing and sales functions. We help make their core message and business value crystal clear - and then help train the sales organization to deliver that message in a manner that results in deals.

Warren Zenna

Founder & CEO

With over 30 years as a top seller and agency buyer, Warren has been on both the selling and receiving ends of 1000s of sales pitches. Observing what works and what fails, he has developed a methodology and approach to selling complex technical sales that mitigates the common mistakes that virtually all sales organizations make. Buyers don't tell you what didn't work. They simply don't buy from you. Warren has helped 100s of B2B companies sell better and close more deals.

Nataliya Yakushev

Managing Director

Nataliya is a results-driven, digital marketing and communications professional with over 20 years of experience in audience and customer acquisition, lead generation and online branding. Proven track record of delivering cutting-edge campaigns and innovative marketing strategies that accelerate growth, increase demand and maximize emerging media budget. Her expertise offers a critical element to ZCG's offerings, helping clients understand how to better grow demand and generate results.