Smart SEO.

SEO needs no introduction.  For all companies, achieving the coveted first page Google ranking is the holy grail.  What most companies don’t understand, however, is that simply chasing page rankings will not get results. Selecting and ranking for the right keywords is, well, the key.

Only Experts Survive

As Google ups its game, the older SEO guard have become antiquated relics from the early days of search when PageRank was first introduced and magical SEO wizards roamed the land. Now things are different.  Search has evolved into a more complex, tightly regulated and sophisticated combination of onsite and offsite disciplines. In short, the Search marketing environment of today is bloodsport.  There are more “Search” marketing firms now than direct marketers –  and local search marketing agencies abound, all claiming “immediate results”, “a firehose of new web traffic”, and “unprecedented online sales”.  In any commoditized marketplace, it becomes harder and harder for companies to know what is true and who to trust.  Some “experts” will even have you believe that Google has become so clever that SEO has now become an antiquated and unnecessary marketing channel.  We say:  Take that advice at your own peril.  SEO is and will continue to be a core digital marketing strategy.

We Suffer Fools

Our clients typically find us after they have exhausted dollars and patience on small inexpensive firms who make overblown promises and don’t deliver. Some clients contact us when they see that while they rank for all of their target keywords but their traffic remains flat. In over 50% of these cases we determine that SEO alone is not the end-game, but a more comprehensive, integrated digital strategy is required.

We want to help you to get your business growing, not just chase Google rankings that we know will not deliver results.

We call this Smart SEO.

If you are looking to capture the active audience seeking your product or service, we would love to help.  We’ve been doing this for 15 years. Contact us.