Reputation Management

Your online fingerprint can be your enemy or your friend.  We help you take control.

We manage the Online Reputations for some of the most important and prominent people in the world. We can help you, too.

Like it or not, search engines are and will continue to be the first entry point for anyone researching you or your company. The results from these searches tell a story – whether you want them to or not.

We help you take control of this story – and allow you to stay out in front of the organic narrative that establishes that first, and most critical impression.

The statistics are clear: you are what you look like on Google search results:

  • A survey conducted in May of 2013 by Pew Research, indicated 56% of internet users have used a search engine to look up their own name to see what information is available about them online.  That’s double the amount of self-searches done in 2001.
  • A 2006 survey of 100 executive recruiters by job search and recruiting network ExecuNet found that 77 percent of them use search engines to learn about candidates. Of those researching candidates online, 35 percent eliminated a candidate from consideration based on information they uncovered online — up from 26 percent in 2005.
  • 90% of patients are now using Physician review sites such as VitalsRate MD’s and healthgrades to research Doctors before a visit, according to a recent Wall Street Journal / Harris Poll.
  • According to a Harvard Business School Study on Reviews, Reputation, and Revenue: a one-star rating decrease can reduce revenues by nearly 10% for a business practice.
  • A full two-thirds (66 percent) of consumers say that their perceptions of CEOs affect their opinions of company reputations. Executives, like consumers, also do not overlook the importance of a leader’s reputation – they attribute nearly one-half (49 percent) of a company’s overall reputation to the CEO’s reputation.
  • Executive leadership is critical to burnishing the overall reputation of organizations today, particularly when it is estimated that a large 60 percent of a company’s market value is attributed to its reputation.

How we help

Our clients are typically looking to resolve one of two online reputations issues:

A “Flat” Reputation, or a “Negative” Reputation.

A “Flat” Narrative doesn’t tell any story and/or has key inaccuracies:

  • The search engine results for your name are inaccurate (search results show information of other people who have the same name – i.e, “John Smith”). This not only confuses any searchers but also promotes potentially erroneous or wrong information.
  • Your search results simply lack a desired “punch”, are inconsistent, or are just incomplete: key accomplishments, attributes, affiliations, contact info, work history, media mentions, promotable content, etc., are not present, not current, incorrect or not appropriately emphasized.

A “Negative” Narrative

  • A Negative profile can include a low a rating on one or more review sites (Yelp, Vitals, etc.), negative press articles, negative blog posts, current or past lawsuits, outdated or embarrassing photos, or even negative information attributed to someone who has the same name as you.

Simply building a “Positive” reputation is not enough. Once the right balance has been created, it needs to be managed, maintained, developed and shaped to fit the desired public narrative about yourself and/or your organization.

If you or your business have negative content showing up in Google search results for your name, or your company name, you are likely seeking a solution that will make these listings “disappear”.

There are plenty of firms that offer a “guarantee” that they will accomplish this for you.  Unfortunately, there is no magic wand or quick fix – in most cases it involves a long, complex process utilizing the proper combination of PR, SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing.

Take control of your online narrative.  Contact us.