Mobile Strategy

Mobile is now Digital. 

The firewall that once existed between mobile and digital is now gone. Now more than ever, all digital marketing mediums are completely integrated and are components of the customer information loop. This connection acts like an endless thread traversing channels and platforms: Facebook to weblink to search -to mobile- to- QR – to video – to shopping cart- to check out- to email -to link.  Any successful marketing strategy not only needs to abide by this grand consumer communication chain but must also master each of its components.  Mobile is the most powerful and most influential component in this thread for today’s consumers.

Almost all Consumers are mobile now. Pretty much all of the time. A 2013 report by the International Telecommunication Union indicates that there are now 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide. With roughly 7.1 billion people total living on the planet – its clear that mobile has got the world covered.  More compelling is our obsessive mobile behavior: the average smartphone user reaches for his device about 150 times per day.  One. Hundred. And. Fifty.  We don’t do anything else that much accept blink and breathe.

Mobile Consumers are actively looking for stuff.  Pretty much all of the time.  A Forrester Research study shows that 89 percent of consumers perform internet searches from their mobile device.  Despite this is that according to a survey of medium businesses by Local directory and advertising provider Hibuonly 6 percent of respondents with websites said they were mobile optimized.   6 percent.  The same goes for mainstream brands. Despite the massive growth in mobile traffic over the past two years nearly half (45%) of large businesses still don’t have a mobile-optimized site or app, according to a new report from Adobe.  Only 7% have built mobile apps and only roughly a fifth (21%) have implemented both.  What gives?  There has never been a time in history when the entire global population has adopted a single preferred channel of communication, yet most brands are still not responding.  Mobile-ready content is no longer a “nice to have”.  It’s now an “absolute must”.  Any business that is not thinking ‘mobile-first’ is destroying their consumer loyalty and growth.  Are you among these late-comers?

Integrate. Integrate. Integrate.  And then, Integrate some more.
Today’s digital mediums NEED other digital mediums in order to work.  It’s a communication eco-system. Every single consumer interaction is now interconnected across a continuous loop.  Understanding and embracing this environment is just the start.  Implementing and mastering it is the key.  When you look at the best-in-breed digital marketers (like Amazon, Zappos, Nike, Burberry, Citibank…) you see brands that understand the bigger digital picture and how all of the online elements integrate and support one another. Doing this successfully requires a unique combination of strategic and tactical expertise.

Mobile has become the glue that fuses all of these disciplines together.  Companies cannot make the mistake of treating all of their channels like silos and hope that the puzzle fits together later on. Welding disparate pieces of a communication strategy together is not a plan for success.  The entire chain needs to be designed from the ground up. For many brands, this is a daunting, if not seemingly impossible task – undoing years of work on separate channels and platforms.  But it must be done to engage today’s always-connected consumer.

Ok, where to start?

First: Know thy consumer.

Understand how they discover, seek, find and buy your product or service.

Re-evaluate your current digital marketing strategy with a fresh pair of eyes.

Ask yourself, “does our digital approach respond to our consumers behaviors?”

If there is ANY GAP, fix it.

Hire professionals.  They may cost more, but hiring amateurs is way more expensive. Ask anyone who has.

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