Brand Strategy

The core of any successful marketing initiative is a clearly defined brand position.

A company or brand must be able to answer these questions:

Who are we?

What do we offer? What problem do we solve?

What sets us apart?

Who is our customer? How do they think?

For example:  Magnolia Cupcakes AND Crumb’s cupcakes are BOTH successful brands, yet they essentially offer the same product: cupcakes.  Somehow they have both found their respective markets within the cupcake consuming population.  Why? Because each brand has established a clearly defined brand position.

  • Magnolia: Classic, American, Vintage, Warm, Inviting, Hip, Local, Nostalgic, Fresh.
  • Crumbs: Elegant, Variety, Specialty, Delicious, Accessible

These brand values are expressed very clearly in their digital communication channels.  These unique sensibilities not only drive their brand character (look, feel, tone, etc.) but also inform how they communicate to their respective audiences. Each one of these audiences consumes digital content differently, and the brand strategy is an outcome of the established identity.

We help our clients to define their positioning, and then map out the appropriate digital execution and deployment plan for its success.