Nataliya Yakushev


EVP, Digital

Nataliya’s digital marketing career started in 1999, a year after she completed her Masters in Finance in her native Russia. Her first job was an entry level marketing position at a South Beach, Florida-based Internet startup called, one of the first arrivals to the burgeoning online city-guide category.

The internet was still in its infancy and pre-Google search engine marketing was considered a pioneering innovation. As Internet marketing was taking root, Nataliya became focused on search engine optimization (SEO), which was then viewed as a vanguard innovation due to its combination of technology and marketing. A self-taught coder, Nataliya quickly established a reputation as an SEO expert, working on both the agency and brand-side driving traffic and engagement to websites by securing top Google search ranking positions for her clients.

As Internet marketing evolved, Nataliya was part of the first wave of SEOs and adopted new strategies and methods to expand marketing initiatives for her clients including social media, performance marketing, content marketing and mobile.

During this period Nataliya expanded her marketing expertise to include digital branding and performance marketing. In early 2000s she was the one of the first marketing professionals to execute Online Reputation Management strategies and campaigns, which was a natural extension of her deep SEO background. By 2008 she was leading the digital team for Vertrue Adaptive Marketingbrands, a direct marketing company based in Norwalk, CT. Her analytical mind-set and ability to keep pace with disruptive and emerging trends (search, gamification, social, mobile, location, etc.) led to her move into a broader role as a strategic marketing lead. At Vertrue, working as in-house digital expert, she served as liaison between multiple departments including Product Development, Creative, PR, IT and Customer Service as she pioneered the company’s adoption of social media and its move into new digital platforms. Among her many accomplishments there was the development and execution of award-winning innovative digital marketing, advertising and social media campaigns to drive and monetize traffic for new and established web properties in multiple verticals. Some of the Vertrue consumer-faced brands she helped launch include and SavingsAce.

Nataliya started at ZCG as a Digital Strategist. She ceveloped, led and managed high-profile, strategic brand building and marketing initiatives for a large range of B2B and consumer facing brands.

Since then, Nataliya’s role has expanded to oversee global digital strategy and execution for ZCG.

A passionate early adopter and avid technology enthusiast, Nataliya is the first one to test new platforms and services to see how and when they should be implemented for client engagements.