Hedge Funds Still Neglect Web and Social

Posted by on Aug 20, 2014 in Research

August 2014 Google search results are increasingly a key data point for hedge fund evaluation. Investors rely on the relevance of Google search as part of their due diligence process in evaluating hedge funds; service providers leverage search in their sales efforts targeting hedge funds, and hedge funds themselves use Google to inform their marketing strategy, collect investment research, and advance the overall quality of their firms credibility. As part of its ongoing research into the niche verticals they serve, Zenna Consulting Group surveyed over 150 Hedge Funds with assets over $100m to better understand how this segment of the financial services sector is using online channels for marketing and communications efforts.  Here’s what they found: Once notoriously private, hedge funds are now becoming more transparent in response to the harsh media attention now being devoted to this once stealth industry. As the scrutiny continues to increase, hedge funds have opted to unveil their identities and participate in the public marketing forum in hopes to curtail the traditionally clandestine nature of the industry. Recent FINRA regulations on social media use gave a nudge to firms who were contemplating launching websites and creating social media profiles; activities once thought of as a non-starter in the close-knit hedge fund community. While the volume...

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