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Think about this: ONLY 6% of the top 100 Fortune 500 Companies have sites that comply with Google’s new mobile search development requirements. 6%.

This is indicative of a larger issue. Most of these companies lack a clearly defined Mobile Strategy. Does your company have one? If your answer is no, then we should talk.


Rethinking the Value of Marketing Services

Posted by on Jan 31, 2017

A woman calls a leading cardiologist’s office and says, “Hello, Dr. Bernstein, I have acute cardiomyopathy and need a pacemaker. I heard from a colleague that you were an excellent cardiologist and have over 20 years of experience in pacemaker implant surgery. I have a working budget of $12,000 and need the procedure done by next Friday so I can attend a sales meeting that I am presenting at the following week. Can you send me a formal proposal outlining your unique approach pacemaker implants along with a breakout of your costs for services?” Aside from the obvious, the folly of the above scenario is what professional marketing agencies have been forced to live with for the last 15 years. And it’sour own fault. Despite the consensus among businesses that marketing expertise is a highly specialized and necessary service (like medical services), agencies cannot get a fair shake. Our expertise has become commoditized; our profitability has become unmanageable and our expertise has become undervalued. Here’s an overview of why this has happened – and what needs to be done to right the ship: Pricing models have become unworkable: Back in the heyday, ad agencies charged a fixed 15 percent fee for all work and services. This allowed the Mad Men to simply charge more for services and make banana-boats full of money. Because there were only three major media channels to invest in print, TV and radio–our services were predominantly creative and the contracts were not very complex. Once the big brands got wind of how much cash agencies were making they demanded that the pricing structure be changed...

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Great Brands are Born.

Posted by on Mar 31, 2016

Great Brands are Born that way. Great Brands, like great sales people, are born. The idea is quite simple (sort of). Here’s how it works: Someone with an idea, or inspiration and some talent – creates a product. It delivers value to its users, remains consistent, and stays true to its inherent promise. The product, its name, packaging and associated imagery become entrenched in the hearts and minds of its satisfied consumers. A Brand is Born. That’s it. It’s not a chicken and egg sort of thing. This formula is like gravity – or time. The sequence of events is simple: Product or service is created. Product or service is awesome. Product or service consistently delivers on its promise no matter what. Outcome: Great Brand. Or Born Brand. This dynamic remains consistent throughout all industries. Take music, for example. Led Zeppelin simply wrote and performed the greatest sound imaginable in the history of rock. (Go ahead, argue). Four guys in a room, banging it out. Making magic and delivering the goods – time over time over time. My children’s children will be listening to Dazed and Confused (a live recording, I hope) and will no doubt be experiencing the same feelings of awe that I did back in 1974. They BECAME a brand. A Born Brand. And here’s the key: They never set out to become one. They just did what they did, solved what they solved, delivered what they delivered – and did it better than anyone. Their resulting Brand was an OUTCOME of their excellence and consistency. Then something happened. Corporations got their hands on this great...

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Brands without a Strategy – Google’s Mobile Wasteland

Posted by on Aug 5, 2013

Google is doing all it can to force brands over the mobile cliff.  It’s not working apparently. Nor is the obvious fact (glaringly obvious at this point) that the entire realm of online consumer media consumption is moving to mobile.  The charts included in this post are from a recent Business Insider article that speaks to how Top US brands still are not mobile-ready. In my experience from being on the other side of this syndrome,  the issue resides at the top of the food chain at the C level.  Most, if not all,  rank and file brand people are fully aware of this glaring omission.  Speaking to them and their exasperation is profound:   “I know. We are aware of this and we are on top of it.  Stay tuned” or “I know, I know. It’s a big missing right now, and from what I hear, Exec Mgmt. is working on a global mobile portfolio strategy” or some gobbled-y-gook like that.  More likely, the bureaucrats are still trying to figure it out, or are hiding under their desks waiting for IT to make sense of it or for some agency partner to tell them what to do.  The bottom line is that it’s not getting done. For those who view the absence of mobile-specific web content as an indicator of no mobile strategy, many large top brands, like Snuggle, for instance, still have no mobile strategy.  Now in all fairness to Snuggle, they may be in the process of building mobile content while I write this post, but putting up a simple mobile-friendly landing page should take a...

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